DeWalt DW304PK 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw Review

Quick Reference
The DW304PK’s is not the strongest tool on the reciprocating saw shelves, but its 10 amp motor is sufficient for most tasks in the workshop or on the work site. Taken together, its variable-speed trigger, orbital motion and 1-1/8″ stroke at 2800 SPM provide plenty of cutting power with maximum control. It stands up well against bigger saws and slices through all the material types its bigger brothers handle.
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featureThe DW304PK’s 4-position blade clamp permits blade teeth to face north, south, east, and west so you can position flush cuts in the tightest spaces with full control. Many, more expensive, reciprocating saws cannot boast about this feature.
featureBlade changes are accomplished with a single hand with an easy-to-use clamp lever. The adjustable shoe is made of stainless steel that endures the roughest usage. Orbital blade action can be switched on to speed up cuts in lumber or tree branches.
featureDeWalt backs up this saw with an impressive warranty package that includes a 3-year limited warranty, a one-year service contract and a 90-day full refund return policy.
featureIt comes with a sturdy contractor’s bag and one metal cutting blade.


Spec TypeSpecNotes
Saw TypeCorded
Tool Weight7 lbs.
Tool Length17.5 inches
Power/Volts10 amps/120VAC
Strokes per minute0-2800
Stroke Length1-1/8 inches
Blade Depth AdjustmentNoAdjustable shoe
Variable Speed TriggerYes
Speed Limit ControlNo
Tool-less blade clampYesLever
Adjustable ShoeYes
2-Way Blade PositioningYes
4-Way Blade PositioningYes
Anti-Slip Comfort GripYes
Carrying CaseNoContractor’s bag
Advanced Features
Anti-Vibration SystemNo
Open Toe ShoeNo
Cut Zone LightingNo
Orbital MotionYes
Electronic Load CompensationNo
Blade ClutchNo
Metal HousingNo




If you rarely need fast cuts through heavy steel or cast iron pipe, masonry, roofing shingles or wood beams, then why pay extra for that unused power and weight? The DeWalt DW304PK may be exactly what you are looking for amongst reciprocating saw heavyweights. Weighing in at just 7 pounds, it is one of the easiest-to-maneuver saws on the market. It is especially useful for overhead work, attics or crawl spaces without inducing undue arm fatigue.

Its 10 amp motor may seem skimpy next to a 15 amp, heavier saw, but for the majority of work you are not going to notice the difference. The switchable orbital motion when cutting wood completely makes up for a little less power. Cuts are fast and clean.

Though this saw does have a variable speed trigger, it lacks a maximum speed control. That means you have to rely on your trigger fingers to finesse plunge cuts and adjust speed for various materials such as sheet metal. The comfort grip provides minimal anti-vibration support.

One feature that makes this saw shine compared to more powerful reciprocating saws at higher prices is the 4-position blade clamp. The clamp and shoe are designed such that you can mount the blade teeth up, teeth down or to either side. This makes a difference when attempting flush cuts in awkward positions or when the material is partially obstructed. It is also useful for regular cuts as it provides options for achieving optimal saw control.

Along with a one-handed lever-operated clamp, this a versatile saw in spite of a few shortcomings.



  • Remarkably lightweight
  • Vertical and horizontal blade positions
  • Switchable orbital motion



  • Lacks speed limit control
  • Kit includes only one blade


Our Verdict

For the average handyperson who only needs a reciprocating saw occasionally, but a capable one, this saw is a good match. It has most essential features and the 4-position blade and shoe is a big plus. For construction or demo work, this is a perfect backup saw or the one that gets used for the most awkward cuts.

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