Hitachi CR13VBY 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw With User Vibration

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Hitachi CR13VBY
The CR13VBY’s 12A motor, light weight, dual blade mode, 0-3000 SPM, 1-1/4-inch stroke and patented UVP vibration reduction makes this the toughest, most versatile and comfortable saw around.
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feature12A motor provides all the aggressive cutting power you need for any job
feature1-1/4-inch blade stroke for maximum reach
featureSwing mode blade action makes faster wood cuts and reduces blade bounce
featureZero to 3000 strokes per minute matches any material and cutting situation
featureHitachi’s patented UVP reduces tool vibration over 65 percent for operator comfort and long tool life
feature9.7 lbs. weight makes this saw easy to use in awkward positions
featureKeyless blade change means swapping blades is easy
featureTriple-sealed construction keeps out dust and plumbing pipe water
featureThe elastomer case provides a firm grip and resists heat
featureComes with a sturdy case, one all-purpose blade and 5-year warranty


  • Most effective vibration reduction system on the market
  • Longest recip saw blade length at 1-1/4 inches
  • Match speed to any material with 0 to 3000 SPM
  • The 12A motor cuts through the toughest, thickest materials
  • Full-length cord and case with plenty of room
  • Superior build quality and dust/moisture resistance
  • Will not take the thicker Milwaukie demo blades
  • Only two-step foot adjustment


This Hitachi CR13VBY 12A reciprocating saw has all the advanced features, power and cutting ability you would expect from a top-range saw. It is an amazing workhorse and weighs less than 10 lbs. That, coupled with Hitachi’s exclusive User Vibration Protection, or UVP, makes this a demo saw you can use all day, every day without wearing out either the saw or you. UVP uses a new patented counterweight technology that reduces full-load vibration by over 65 percent. Not only does that mean minimal operator fatigue but it greatly extends saw life.

Hitachi CR13VBY sawThe CR13VBY has many other features to commend it for any deconstruction or construction job site including dual stroke modes, variable speed from 0 to 3000 SPM, a full 1-1/4-inch blade stroke and ergonomic, heat-resistant grip.

It is also triple-sealed against moisture and dust ingress. No wonder Hitachi has enough confidence in this saw to provide a 5-year warranty with it.

text bubble vector iconWhat Buyers Are Saying

The Hitachi CR13VBY is right at home in the midst of the toughest demolition jobs as well as in situations where craftsmanship precision is required. For such a powerful, full-featured saw its 9.7 lbs. weight is light enough for overhead work. The UVP is the real deal according to numerous CR13VBY reviews.

It makes such a difference in comfort that many demo guys find that the Milwaukie users on their job sites are constantly borrowing their Hitachi.

The one weak point of this saw is the foot adjustment. It only has two positions, so cut depth selection is limited, which has caused a few complaints in saw reviews.

Considering how tough this saw is built and its multitude of advanced features, the foot deficiency is disappointing. Otherwise, this saw gets high marks for power, ease-of-use and versatility.


It is a cliché, but true, that this a definitely a lot of saw for the money. Less than fifty dollars more than most general-purpose saws, the Hitachi CR13VBY provides buyers with a sawzall machine made for any cutting job that will last their lifetime.

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